Announcement Policy

bulletin announcement policy

Bulletin editors and administrators are faced with weekly deadlines to get the bulletin printed and announcements in place every week. In an effort to help you with keeping a handle on your submissions we offer you a suggestion.

Parish ministries and organizers of activities may not be aware of the deadlines and the format in which bulletin announcements are submitted. Even if they are knowledgeable, a gentle reminder ever so often may be needed. It will save you a lot of explaining and unwanted anxiety if a policy is in place.

As far as the bulletin is concerned in most cases it is a 2-3 day turn around from when the bulletin information is submitted to your bulletin service and getting delivery of the bulletin at the church. In a perfect world the deadline for bulletin submissions should be at minimum 9 days in advance. Of course the flexibility of submission is up to you.

Here is a guideline for you to consider if you do not have one in place.

Bulletin announcement:

Write a BRIEF announcement that includes who, what, when, where, why about your meeting/event. Submit it to (add your email address here) by 12 noon on Friday to appear in the following weekend’s bulletin. Your submission must be 9 days in advance. Items should appear for a maximum of three weeks.

Bulletin Inserts:

All brochures or flyers should be sent to (add your email address here) approval prior to copying or distributing. Asking them to send in the flyer as an editable format can save time and frustration with scheduling. PDFs are non–editable. If you also have a scheduling person for flyers that are intended as bulletin inserts they should also be emailed to that person as well.


If a group has photos of events that you’d like to share, please submit them to (add your email address here) along with a description. Parish staff should upload photos and link when approved.

Mass Announcement:

Are set up at the discretion of the pastor and are usually requested for one (1) week only. In the interest of not interrupting the Mass, approval can be very limited. Some pastors ask that you submit 2-3 short sentences and email to (add your email address here) with the date you wish your announcement read at Mass. Deadline is Thursday, 12 noon. Submissions will be reviewed and approved by pastor prior to announcement at Mass. In most cases, parishioners will be encouraged to pick up a bulletin for the latest announcements.

Pulpit Plea:

Some churches may allow an individual to make a plea from the pulpit before or after Mass. Let them know there is a time limit to the plea. Keeping the pulpit plea to a minimum is in the interest of not interrupting the Mass. In most cases approval of pulpit pleas are extremely limited. Asking for the request should be in writing and submitted at least 4 days or more in advance of the intended date. In each case the pastor should review and advise as to whether the plea is approved.


If your church has a newsletter write a brief announcement that includes who, what, when, where, why about your meeting/event and submit an editable announcement to (add your email address here). Newsletters like the bulletin should be current events. In most cases, items should appear only one (1) week. Submission deadlines should be 9 days in advance.

Text and Email Distributions:

If you have email distributions on behalf of the parish it should be sent from a source of authority mainly the church email address. It will help avoid any confusion with fraudulent distribution of information. Any group within the parish sending emails should come through your church email distribution system.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter posts should come from a person of authority on the parish staff or the pastor directly. Checking with such sources as the for protocol is suggested. The parish office generates all email distributions only. The office staff and Pastor must be aware of parish–wide communication. There are cases where it may be appropriate for a smaller group to send email between themselves.

Adding a line that reads:

“Please keep in mind that all information is subject to approval and editing by the pastor and staff” will assist with any future changes.

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