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Communication is the difference between getting the job done well and working with people. Relationships are built by positive encounters with others. The way people work together (or not) depends on how well we communicate. When a staff feels comfortable about communicating with each other there will be more success in the workplace.

Each of us has our individual personality–the way we work and communicate. The American Management Association refers to four personalities in particular: the listener, the creator, the doer, and the thinker. As with any study they would like to pigeon hole us. Most of us will likely find a dominant area with influences from the others.

The listener is an effective communicator because of his steadiness and understanding that there are other ways to get results. He listens to other perspectives.

The creator is a good communicator because he is passionate, imaginative and skilled in persuasion.

The doer is assertive, goal-oriented and competent in problem solving.

The thinker is analytical, slow to react and contemplative.


Regardless of which personality you are by far the most important skill to develop is listening, furthermore, active listening. When we actively listen to a person he or she feels that they are understood and is more inclined to listen to your suggestions. Individuals with a conflict need to be heard before any resolutions can be heard.

Information should be delivered in a conversational tone to avoid any confrontation. Check your facts and make a point to deliver complete information and the desired action to take. If your conversation is clear and delivered with confidence then there is no room for misinterpretation. After sharing your ideas wait and answer all the questions with clarification.

Organizations that communicate are more effective at having success and establishing trust. Achieving your desired results rests in your ability to communicate.

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