Content – Editing Your Bulletin

Editing Your Bulletin’s Content

When writing and editing your church bulletin consider the audience. They are reading the bulletin for various reasons: general information, religious education, volunteer services, ministries, and other resources your church may offer.

The purpose of content is to give your reader the information they need. Structure your bulletin’s blurbs and announcements so they answer the ‘who, what, where and when’ of specific events. Save the lengthy essay for readers that want to know more on your website.

Bulletins should be an easy to read resource

Reoccurring information should be formatted and placed in a familiar spot. This makes reading the bulletin easier. If a parishioner uses the bulletin weekly to find information about their specific ministry this takes out the legwork of searching.bulletins, content, austin, texas, printing


Designate space and images to be used with articles you want emphasized. Your bulletin serves more purpose than informing of upcoming meetings. Highlight past and future events or great stories from around the parish. First Communion is a big event in one’s life. Let the parish celebrate the candidates in the weekly bulletin with a big picture. Formatting your bulletin with smaller and larger articles makes it easier for the reader to distinguish importance.bulletins, content, austin, texas, printing

Keep your most important article towards the front of the bulletin. If you have information that needs to be seen do not bury it in the back of the bulletin.bulletins, content, austin, texas, printing

The Take-Away

The key point from this blog is that you need to examine your content. Is it possible for you to simplify the message in a more effective way? What are the articles you want to emphasis? What needs to be seen?

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