Does Your Website Design Need a New Look?

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How to rank your website with design

When was the last time you visited your website? Not as the owner but a consumer. Knowing your visitor and providing him with the answers should be the number one goal to include in a website design. You need to keep your website fresh.

Website Design Tools

Frequently companies ask us what are the best tools for our website. We always answer that it’s not necessarily the tools used that make the website successful but the content. Here are some tips.

Less is More – You High-light What You Leave In

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid is a saying you should take to heart when designing websites. If you are trying to increase web leads or provide a service: identify your audience and give them the answers to solve their needs.

An outstanding website will choose the simplest keyword phrases. What would the common search word phrases a person uses looking for your website? Are enough people asking that question to make answering it worthwhile?

A lot of what determines how well a page ranks depends on the authority and age of the website. Sometimes a short explanation is all that is required from a search-gratification standpoint.

If you are a new website trying to rank in a competitive search you will need links from other authority sources. That means your content must be impressive in quality and scope. Try to answer search questions better and more comprehensively than the competition. Chances are better that your effort becomes worth linking.

Keywords in titles

There is a lot of debate among SEO experts and the evolving Google algorithms to rank your website. One thing no one disputes is importance of using targeted keywords and keyword phrases in your titles. Search engines want to offer relevant information to a search so those results should prominently reflect the words of the searcher.

You want to reply to the searcher in their chosen words. Plus, you want to include those words in a compelling headline that promises to answer that exact question with the search request.

Writing a prefect headline makes it more likely that someone will use your title to link back to you. Link anchor text is a component of a particular search algorithm that can help your rank.
A Clean Modern Logo
If you are still using that free clip art that everyone has seen since the 1960s maybe it is time to refresh your logo with a new look. A fresh logo helps with branding and attracting new younger viewers.
Your goal when you refresh your website design is to provide useful and relevant content to the visitor. It should be so compelling and comprehensive people are willing to link to it. Websites by Bartleby can provide a simple strategy and design that is affordable and effective in attracting visitors. Please visit

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the President of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX. Bartleby Press is an Austin printing company and website design service.