Why do we fail to meet bulletin deadlines?

How to be a star performer?

Meeting bulletin deadlines is the most common problem that bulletin editors face…or their staff not meeting deadlines. Meeting deadlines is a universal problem that we all face. Some of us are driven and organized, but most are procrastinators. This is not about time management. It is a combination of taking ownership of your work and applying your skills.

A majority people who find they fail to reach deadlines have a difficult time understanding their own workload. Underestimating the time it takes to complete parts of a project causes it to be harder to meet deadlines. Maybe you are spending too much time on other projects. Maybe you do not have a written schedule of all your activities. Maybe you have a schedule but you change your schedule.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Have a written schedule outlining everything you need to accomplish and stick to it. Let’s be clear, sticking to your schedule is the best way to meet your deadline. Avoid adding additional work or making changes to your schedule. Even if you have a whole handful of tasks to complete it’s better to take each task one at a time. Follow your schedule and do not lose sight on the deadline.

5 Tips to Meet Your Deadline

Getting information from staff is a challenge.
Getting information from staff is a challenge.

1. Have pastors and ministry directors agree to the schedule

Like many of us we have quirks. Pastors and ministry directors can be procrastinators. They have multiple priorities that require multi-tasking and can create obstacles that can get in the way of the scheduled deadline. The bottom line is when Monday rolls around you need their bulletin information finished

2. Be Proactive

The best way to get your desired goal with the staff is to be proactive and ask questions. Do you see potential obstacles that could get in the way of the schedule? Articulating the steps of a timeline will give them a complete understanding of the desired outcome. Do you see potential obstacles that could get in the way of the schedule? What is your timeline for the bulletin deadline? These are the questions to ask yourself.

If your pastor or ministry directors continue having troubles meeting the scheduled deadline think about give them personal deadlines. If the bulletin needs to be done on Monday have their part due on Sunday. This gives them a grace period if they can’t get material in on time.

3. Communicate regularly

Follow up with each of them and have an understanding of their projects. The more interest you have with them the more they become aware of the importance of bulletin deadlines.

4. Ask for help if falling behind

If you are crunched for time, ask others with specific requests that will help you meet your deadline. Asking for help is hard when we are having problems. Some of us may say this is a sign of weakness or inability. The reality of the matter is we all need help sometime.

Maybe if you broke down your project into bite size pieces you would not feel the time crunch at the last minute. Use mini deadlines the gradually get you to your goal

5. Learn to say NO

With each job comes a responsibility and learning to not accept an assignment is stressful. Sometimes it’s better to decline than fail.


People don’t remember how good your excuse was but they will remember you didn’t do what you said you would. There might be stress in saying no but it is less stressful than not doing what you said you would do. Dare to take responsibility, have influence and maintain integrity and really do something. If you continue to miss your deadlines then you need to work harder.

About the Author: How to be a star performer? is the President of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX. A church bulletin printing service.