Murphy’s Law of a Bulletin Editor

Murphy’s Law-Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Edward A. Murphy Jr., The man behind Murphy’s Law

This jocular adage attributes its first use to Edward A. Murphy Jr. a U.S. engineer who was involved in a rocket-sled experiment in which all 16-accelerator instruments were installed the wrong way. Also known that if there is more than one way to do something, one of them will be wrong. It also is applied that if you do something enough times you are bound to make a mistake.

What makes this law interesting is when applied to church bulletins it might be said; if there is an error in the bulletin someone is bound to point it out to you. The point is that you may have prepared 100 bulletins perfectly but when that one error appears Murphy will notice.

Murphy ‘s Law of Bulletins

Oh no not again!

There will be typos.

Honestly, you edited your proof several times to make sure there are no mistakes. When the bulletin arrives surely you will read through it and find an error. As small as it is, you missed it. No error every time is your mantra. When it does happen Murphy will let you know.

Someone will dislike your favorite cover design

You spend hours discerning the perfect cover and placing the copy just right when Murphy enters the room. It is usually a volunteer or the pastor looking over your shoulder–saying “Hey that is awful you should have…”

Johnny comes lately

You got all the information gathered from the ministries. You edited the file and loaded all your graphics and sent it to the publisher. And Johnny enters the room. “I forgot to add …it’s a small change but it has to be in there.” It turns out to be 5 changes. You want to strangle that person but you smile and get it done.

Everyone knows the bulletin deadline

You will get buried with last minute additions to do at your bulletin deadline. They have been planning this event for weeks in advance but they need you to do it for them because, well, you are so good at what you do. And you are to nice not to say no.

The computer crashes

That’s right you have been working on the bulletin the last 3 hours. So diligent was your thoughts that you never thought to save your work as you progressed. Suddenly the wheel starts spinning on the screen and you know something is not right. Panic sets in. You realize you have not saved changes. Then the black screen and re-boot. You have to start over.

Let Us Help

The next time you pass your church bulletin editor give that pat on the back or “atta boy” and thank her for the work she does that you take for granted.
You can do her a favor and call Bartleby Press to publish your bulletin because those guys really have your back and do the format for you. Now breath.