Outstanding Content Catches Parishioner’s Eyes

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What Makes a Church Bulletin Good?

A good church bulletin is a bulletin the parishioners enjoy reading. Beyond getting information parishioners find themselves enjoying the bulletin because of the use of humor and pictures.

What is standard content?

The bulletin is a resource for the parishioners. Things such as Mass times, contact information is considered basic information. This information is a must have in any bulletin. Along with basics a bulletin would include event news. Event news is the “who, what, when, where, why” of upcoming parish and ministry events.

What is outstanding content?

Beyond the standard content of a bulletin your parish should strive to include something that captivates your reader.

  • • Provide links to videos and podcast popular on the Internet. Use it for tutorials and evangelization.
  • • Ministry News: Current events and breaking news from the Diocese and around the globe.
  • • Other News Sources: Keep track of other sources and set up links or post and give credit.
  • • Books Reviews: Help your audience with books with awesome summaries and recommendations.
  • • Pictures still say 1,000 words and attract attention.

The Take Away

A church bulletin is a resource for the parishioners. There is standard content needed in any bulletin, but the inclusion of outstanding content that makes for a better church bulletin.