Social Media 101- Answers to Your Questions

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Which one should your company use?

With the wide variety of Social Media sites available companies often find themselves asking, “Which one is the right one for us?” The truth is there is no clear-cut answer. Different sites appear to be more popular in different demographics. Breaking down Facebook, Instagram, Twitter we can compare demographics.

Facebook is above all the most popular. 79% of online adults (88% of all Americans) use Facebook. At any age range Facebook is popular.

Instagram is the second most used. 32% of online adults (28% of all Americans) use Instagram. However Instagram’s popularity is heavily weighted to a younger crowd. (18-29-age range)

Twitter being the third most used accounts for 24% of online adults (21% of all Americans). While being less popular than Facebook, Twitter shares a similar popularity among age groups. Twitter’s followers evenly divided between age ranges.

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Should you have multiple Social Media accounts?

The simple answer is, yes.
Your business should be on every Social site it can apply itself too, however the first step is joining one. Before spreading yourself thin learning multiple sites create a Facebook page. By the numbers Facebook is the most popular, so most of your customers should have accounts.

After creating a Facebook page branch out into an Instagram or Twitter page. The nice thing about social media sites is their all cross compatible.

How do I utilize my Social Media accounts?

First for it’s namesake, social media sites are made to be social as a way to connect with people. Use your social media accounts to remind customers of sales, events, and even viral trends. Creating a good social media account allows you to utilize the traffic from Facebook and send them to your company’s site.

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