Website Development 101

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Your website is your company’s online introduction to the world. It is your online business card. Like any first impression the website must deliver your message and essential information. Your website should be up to date and continually growing. Updating valuable information not only keeps your website creditable but improves search engine visibility.

Bartleby Press offers to set up your domain with an easy to use WordPress powered website. Our goal is to give you control over a modern, easy to update website.

What is the difference between a Website and Landing Page?

In the purist sense a landing page is a web page that a visitor can “land “on. It is more common to refer to a landing page as a stand alone web page distinct from your website. It is usually designed for a specific objective and not navigational. It can function as a stand-alone page or tied into your main website.

What is a domain Name?

A domain name is the equivalent of a physical address for the Internet. Registering a domain name with a hosting company allows customers to reach you via the Internet.

What is A Host?

Hosts are companies that house, serve and store your files. You can host your site at any web hosting company you want. You can move your site at any time and continue to own your domain name. Think of it as leasing space.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful easy to use management system. This system is used by small-time bloggers to Fortune 500 companies. The beautiful thing about WordPress is it’s practical for beginners or expert web builders.

How do we build a website?

The process of building a website with Bartleby Press is easy. We help you register a domain name if needed. We use a questionnaire created by our team of skilled designers to understand the purpose of your website. In addition to the questionnaire we request copy and images.

Bartleby Press can deliver your website with easy-to-follow instructions giving you the ability to update and grow.

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