Website Design, The Easy Way

Who says getting a great website costs an arm and a leg?


A common objective for a website is to convert a visitor to an engaged, active user.


The challenge is to personalize the user experience and make your website design easy for the visitor to access information and ensure a positive return experience.


The good news is Bartleby Press’ Website Development makes your website service experience an easy learning process. Choose from a basic website Landing Page to a full blown interactive website.

Monthly payment plan available. Get started for as little as $250.
Essential Template: $1750

  • Color, Texture or picture header with menu bar
  • Social media plug-in
  • images and related copy
  • 3 email domain name addresses
  • Secured domain name
  • 1 year website hosting

Advanced Template: $2250 Everything offered with the Essential Template Plus:

  • Revolving slider on home page
  • Calendar plug-in
  • 6 Email addresses

Ultimate Template: $2750 Everthing offer with both the Essential and Advance Template Plus:

  • 9 Email addresses
  • Calendar plug-in
  • Video, audio pug-ins
  • Third party payment systems merchant portal, PCI Compliant
  • Pay online shopping cart with third party payment systems merchant portal, PCI compliant (payment Card Industry)

Pricing is subject to change based upon consumer needs.